Collection: Hatch Green Chile

Here is an abundance of The Fresh Chile Company’s Green Chile Products to enhance your choice of Fresh, Frozen, Freeze-Dried, Powder, and Jars of Green Chile. Each has a detailed description on the landing page.
The Hatch Valley of Southern New Mexico has exceptional soil and climate just right for the cultivation of many varieties of Chile Peppers. New Mexico, this last year, produced more than one hundred million pounds of Chile, with much of it coming from the Hatch Valley fields. Green and Red Chile are the stars of the Hatch Valley.
Green Chile, with many varieties, is a taste hundreds of years old while being as new as the latest and greatest innovative Chile Pepper variety. Part of the attraction is the subtle taste in all Green Chile, a crisp and smokey taste married to a pungent spicy direct flavor. Chile shares flavor with onions, garlic, and other spicy vegetables.
In both Red and Green Hatch Chile, there are many varieties and heat variations. Mild varieties such as 1904 are good when just starting to add Chile Peppers to your cooking, while full flavor and spicy Big Jim, Joe E. Parker, and Sandia Select are delightfully robust.
The heart of the Green and Red Chile attraction is the combination of various tastes and Heat tastes. Heat is caused by Capsicum, which occurs in the Capsicum family of plants such as Jalapeño, Cayenne, and Chile Peppers. The aim is to have enough to get the attention of your taste buds while leaving a pleasing afterglow of flavor.
Of the products on this page, some are mainly purchased at Harvest Time, such as the just-picked Green Peppers, and some are purchased all year long. Those in powder form or in jars have a shelf life just right for your pantry.