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How do Subscriptions work?

Your order will ship out every 2 months or at the interval of your choosing. You can log in to your account to swap products--or just reach out to us at or 575-800-8284 and have us edit your order for you!

You can change your subscription products with every shipment or even send them to a loved one to share the chile love!

We reserve a discount of 20% for our subscribers, that way, they know they get the best price we offer on select products! Please keep in mind that we can:

  • add/remove products

  • change order date

  • edit frequency of shipment

  • skip an order

Do you want to try something new but not add it to your subscription? Add products as a “one-time purchase” to your upcoming subscription.

You can set up your subscription with either your credit/debit card, PayPal, or ShopPay (Please Note: Be sure to keep your shipping address up to date in PayPal/ShopPay)

How do I subscribe? Go to the products you wish to purchase and select Subscribe & Save when selecting the product you want! 

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