About Us


The Fresh Chile Company here in Las Cruces, New Mexico, started from our family tradition of giving away our homemade Chile Sauce at Christmas. My family has been making Enchilada Sauce from fresh Hatch Chile since I was a little boy. My wife Carol and I continued the tradition with our children and now 15 grandchildren.

My father, Arnold McMillan, who loves food and loves to cook, came up with the idea of using fresh, crisp Hatch Red Chile instead of Dried Chile Powder or Dried Chile Pods to make his Red Enchilada Sauce. It is fantastic.

Many years ago, we started bottling this beautiful fresh Red Chile Sauce in our home kitchen to give to friends and family for Christmas and, of course, for personal use throughout the year. Everyone loved their gift of Red Chile in a jar so much that they would call and ask for cases instead of a few more jars. We heard this from so many happy friends and family that we decided it was time to share the magic with everyone. That is how and why we started The Fresh Chile Company.

To my knowledge, we are the only company that makes Red Chile Sauce from fresh Red Chile commercially. The issue is that Fresh Red Chile is only available from Hatch, New Mexico, for about 30 days out of every year. No other company even tries to make it this way.

At The Fresh Chile Company, we work six-day weeks, 24-hour days when Hatch Chile becomes available to process. We need to process and put in jars enough Chile for the whole year. Our Chile is Fresher, Redder, Greener, and simply the very Best.

Over the years we have been in business we have added many tasty new products to go with our original Red Chile Sauce. We made a blend of Red and Green that quickly became a customer favorite. We also now use Red And Green Jalapeños, Sun-Dried Traditional Red Chile, a couple of Mustards with Chile along with a Hatch Chile Ketchup we call Hatchup. We also sell Frozen Chile Products and created Freeze-Dried Chile. Most of our Chile Products come in Mild, Medium, Hot, and X-Hot heat taste.

You can continue the gift-giving tradition year-round by ordering our products for your friends and family and send them anywhere in the country. Our shipping department will get your products there safely and quickly.

Your friends and family will love to add Chile for their favorite Mexican dishes like Posole, Enchiladas, and Tacos. You will also find new favorites like smoked ham with a Honey Red Chile Glaze, Turkey and Noodle Soup with a Green Chile Kick, and many other delicious recipes that my beautiful wife Carol creates for every meal.

Order your family's gifts of amazing tastes at www.freshchileco.com

Written by Randy & Carol McMillan