Hatch Chile

Hatch Chile

From Hatch Chile fields to your family's table, We stand by our Hatch Green Chile and Red Chile products. 

If it’s not the best you ever tasted, we’ll give you your money back and you can keep the product.

Always hand-picked. Always fresh. That’s why they call us The Fresh Chile Company. Taste the flavor of our Hatch Chile in the comfort of your own home

Colorado Chile vs. Hatch Chile

Colorado Chile vs. Hatch Chile

Dear Governor Polis,

We have heard your claim that “Pueblo chile is the best in the world,” and we at the Fresh Chile Co. would like to respond. While we agree that your chile is good, we also know that the seeds you plant originated from New Mexico in the late 1800s. Understandably so, as our people have been farming for generations along the Rio Grande river in the rich, fertile farmlands of Hatch, New Mexico. In fact, our farmers have taught your farmers everything they know about cultivating chile (but not everything WE know). 

As I write this letter, while roasting freshly picked Hatch green chile peppers straight from the farm on my grill tonight, I’m reminded that you won’t be able to roast your chile for another month. This gives you some time to consider our challenge! When you’re ready with the very best chile Colorado has to offer, I’ll meet you anytime at any place for a chile taste-off on behalf of New Mexico Hatch Chile and we can settle this once and for all! I’ll bring my hand-selected Hatch Green chile peppers and you can bring your mouth. Because Governor, with all due respect, in New Mexico we let our chile do the talking.

Anxiously awaiting your response, 

Randy McMillan (Owner)
The Fresh Chile Company
Red & Green Update - A Letter From Randy

Red & Green Update - A Letter From Randy

Dear Fresh Chile Family,

We have some good news and a little bad news. The good news is that we will have a new fresh crop of Hatch Green Chile being harvested in about 45 days. The bad news is we are nearly out of all of our Pure Green Chile and our Red and Green Blend. We won’t have roasted fresh Red Chile until sometime in September so the Red and Green Blend will take a little longer to re-stock. We could buy chile from Mexico or California now but we won’t because we only use Fresh Hatch Chile and it is worth the wait. We will do our best to produce enough Pure Green and Red Chile this year to make it completely to the next year’s harvest so that we do not run out again. Our little company is overwhelmed with gratitude for your appreciation for our products, and we thank you for your patience while we wait together for the best Red and Green Chile on the planet.  


Randy and Carol McMillan 
Owners, The Fresh Chile Company

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