Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We stand by a 100% Satisfaction Hatch Green and Red Chile Guarantee Policy. If you are not completely satisfied, send us an email at or a message on our Facebook page to get your full refund. 

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Orders will be fulfilled within 7-10 business days and shipping takes 1-5 days, depending on the carrier. Unless you opt-out of emails, you will receive tracking information when your shipping label has been made. 

During the COVID-19 Crisis we are experiencing delays and might not be able to fill your order for 7 business days. We thank you for your patience as we work to overcome challenges and get back up to speed!

How does the Club Memberships work?
Your order will ship out every 2 months, or the interval of your choosing. By subscribing you are given the highest discount we make available, reserved only for our Club Members! 

  • 20% Off All Products (Fresh Peppers and Ristras are not part of the subscription program at this time, but you can subscribe to anything else!)

  • No minimum order and you can adjust the products and quantities as needed--just reach out to us!
  • Inventory Priority - if running out of a product, we save what we need for your upcoming orders!

  • Notified first of new or limited-edition products

How about squeeze bottles?
The squeeze bottles are best with our Fresh Red Sauce, which is a puree. Our Pure Green and Red & Green Blend sauces are delightfully chunky, rendering a squeeze bottle useless. You can purchase a squeeze bottle for $1 here: Fresh Red Squeeze Bottle

It’s so cold where I live that my chile sauce arrived frozen solid! Will it still taste good? Is it safe to consume?
Our sauces freeze well, so the flavor should be fine. If any of the jars are cracked or broken, please contact us. Also, once they have thawed and you begin using them, if the jars are not properly sealed when you open them (indicated by the lack of the little pop sound you would normally hear when opening a properly sealed jar), then that would indicate that freezing has broken the seal that is important for food safety. If that is the case, please don’t consume, but do contact us.

Can you tell me more about the nutritious facts?
Yes! Take a look at the nutrition panels for all of our sauces by clicking here. Each product has its label as a photo on its product page, so you can click it and zoom in to inspect details. 

Do I need to refrigerate the chile? How long will it last? 
Before opening, jars remain fresh for 18 months from manufacturing, and you can find an exact expiration date on the bottom of each jar. Do keep it in the fridge once you have opened it! 

Because our jarred chile is made without any preservatives, they stay good in the refrigerator, once opened, just 7-10 days. We are committed to keeping our sauces pure and delicious, but that does mean they should be consumed or frozen in that 7-10 day period after opening to maintain the integrity of the sauce. (Filling up an ice tray with the remainder of your jar is a handy way to have little amounts to defrost for tacos, soups, etc!)

How many carbohydrates are in your sauce?
Here are the carb counts for one serving (1/4 cup) in each of our products:
Fresh Pure Green Chile Sauce: 6 Carbohydrates 
Fresh Red Chile Sauce: 5 Carbohydrates
Red & Green Blend Chile Sauce: 7 Carbohydrates 

How much sodium do your sauces contain?

Here's the sodium content for one serving (1/4 cup) in each of our sauces:
Fresh Pure Green Chile Sauce: 200 mg per
Fresh Red Chile Sauce: 210 mg per
Red & Green Blend Chile Sauce 210 mg

Where can I find your products in my town?
We are located in stores all over our hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are also in Albuquerque, Artesia, Taos, and Farmington, New Mexico, and a few Natural Grocers in Arizona.

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or APOs?
Yes! Shipping rates should calculate automatically for you at checkout but please note that orders are limited to 6 items or fewer. You can include jars of chile, honey, 4-16oz bags of nuts, dried powders, Posole, Posole Seasoning, shirts, or hats. If your cart has too much in it, it will not calculate a shipping rate for. Please reach out to us if you have any issues!

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