Carol McMillan

Carol McMillan

Fresh Chile Company Recipe Expert

Carol’s Background

My name is Carol McMillan, one of the most prolific recipe writers in our Fresh Chile Recipes group. I am the youngest of seven children; growing up, times were financially challenging, so everyone in my family worked in the summer. Interestingly, at the Truck Farm, where we worked for several summers, I was selected by the boss to direct what needed to be done and to prepare lunch for everyone. I was noted for my leadership abilities, and I even fixed tasty lunches using Tuna fish and lots of other ingredients so that the meals could be enjoyed by everyone since Tuna fish was in ample supply. All recipes start with wondering about how this Chile or that Chile would blend with this or that food. I try and make my Kitchen ground zero for experiments with new tastes. A good example of this is my creative recipe Carol’s BOB: Beef, Onion & Bacon Roll, This is always a big hit with guests who come hungry, yet they always leave full and satisfied. When asked about her technique, she confesses that when making something delicious in a pan, she uses a slosh method, but for baking, everything is measured. Often, she takes what her husband Randy is cooking and enhances the food with Chile even more. Enjoy her recipes, and check back often as she is constantly adding new methods of preparing Southwestern meals.


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