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Hatch Chile Recipe Cookbook (eBook)

Hatch Chile Recipe Cookbook (eBook)

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Upon purchase, you will receive an electronic/digital book that you can read on your cell phonetablet, and computer, or print out. A physical book is not included.

This cookbook is dedicated to the Fresh Chile customers who have created and shared a world of delicious foods with Hatch chiles. Thank you all! Fresh Chile started out when my father began making his fresh red chile sauce and “special salsa” every Sunday for dinner with whatever was being served. We all couldn’t get enough of it.

In time, he shared his recipes, and Carol and I began to make them and make extra for special friends and clients for the holidays. They began to ask us to make some for them to give as gifts, too.

Before long the demand was so great that we started Fresh Chile and began making a wide variety of chile products using the wonderful chiles grown in the Hatch Valley just north of Las Cruces.

We created a private group called Fresh Chile Cookin’ on Facebook and began to post pictures and descriptions of what our customers were doing with our products. We now have over 20,000 members in that private group who love Hatch chile and Fresh Chile products and happily share their creations! We know you love Hatch chile as much as we do and you’ll have as much chile fun as we have with this first cookbook. 

Thank you all y muchas gracias!

Randy, Carol, Jenna,

And the Fresh Chile Family

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