Hatch Red Chile Deviled Eggs Recipe

Prep Time:

5 - 10 Minutes

Cook Time:

5 - 10 Minutes

Total Time:

20 - 30 Minutes


6 Servings


210 Calories per Serving


Hatch Red Chile Deviled Eggs


1. Boil Eggs

Boil your eggs for 5 minutes. Then remove the eggs and place them in cold water.

2. Cut Eggs in Half

Once cooled, peel and cut the eggs in half lengthwise.

3. Remove the Yolkes

Carefully take out yolks and add them to a medium-sized bowl. Make sure to save the egg whites.

4. Make the Filling

Mash yolks. Once yolks are mashed, mix in mayonnaise, Hatch Red Chile Roast, cumin, lemon juice, Hatch Chile Dijon Mustard, salt, and pepper. Mix until you reach a smooth consistency.

5. Fill the Eggs

Fill egg whites with a generous amount of the egg yolk mixture. Garnish with some Hatch Red Chile Powder, and enjoy!

Recipe by Chris Lang






Deviled Eggs


Hatch Chile Deviled Eggs

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