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Papa's Rellenas con Chile

This is a dished passed on to us from someone on our staff whose family is from Sinaloa, MX and this is a favorite for them and their family! We are excited to share the deliciousness with you as well.


Ingredients (to make a FULL baking sheet worth - you can always cut this in half or even quarters!)

2 Large Yellow Potatoes

25 Chile peppers (roasted, peeled and opened flat)

2 lbs Carne Asada - we use thin-sliced beef chuck or flank steak

Hatch Spice Blend

2lbs of cheese (recommend Monterey Jack and Cheddar), shredded

Olive oil 1 to 2 Tbsp


Season Meat with Hatch Spice Blend generously, then cook completely and dice the meat and set aside.
Meanwhile, cut the potatoes long way into long skinny strips and cook in a skillet with a small amount of Olive Oil.
Prepare a baking sheet with aluminum foil and cooking spray to coat it. Open up your chile peppers and lay them flat as a first layer on the cooking sheet.
Next, add the potatoes and evenly distribute them on top of the chile.
Then add the diced meat as the next later.
For the next layer, you will add 1lb of shredded cheese.
Then another layer of opened flat chile peppers.
Top with the remaining half of cheese.
Put in the oven under the broiler on LOW until all the cheese is melted and nice and bubbly (about 15minutes).
We serve this with warmed flour tortillas!




Fresh Chile Co

Hi Elayne,
Could you explain what you are needing a little bit more? I would love to help you, currently all of our recipes are on the website and have PDF attachments that you can download and print.

Elayne García

Any way to get these recipes that come up while shopping for
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Thank you,
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