Collection: Hatch Chile Powders, Rubs, & Seasonings

The Fresh Chile Company proudly presents Hatch Valley Farms of New Mexico grown Chile Powders, Rubs, and Seasonings for our valued customers across the United States of America.

  • Chile Powders are ground finely so they quickly absorb into any liquid.
  • Chile Rubs are more coarse and often applied by hand to the meat that is waiting to be grilled. The meat juices combine with the rub ingredients when grilled, creating a very pleasing Chile and meat combination.
  • Chile Seasonings are applied during and after cooking.

All three products allow you to enjoy amazing Chile flavors. We start with the freshest and finest Green and Red Chile to which we add other farm ingredients and prepare it, especially for you. In Powdered, Rub, and Seasoning form, you can add exactly what the recipes designate or adjust the amount used to end up with precisely the finished taste you want.