Rellenos Flojeros

Rellenos Flojeros (Lazy guy rellenos).

Two or three corn tortillas per person
One cheese-stuffed roasted and peeled long green chile per tortilla
( I vary cheeses depending on my mood - sharp cheddar, longhorn, or Monterey Jack all work for me.) Shred extra cheese for finishing. 
Fresh Chile Co. Red & Green Blend chile as needed.
Eggs, sunny side up, to satisfy each person at the table.
Spray Cooking oil

Heat a skillet to medium-high, spritz pan lightly with cooking oil. Add tortillas and warm them enough to be flexible. Lay one stuffed chile on each tortilla and fold. Heat each folded relent, turning once, to get a little color on the tortilla, warm the chile and melt the cheese. The tortillas should be tender enough to cut with a fork. Remove the Rellenos to plates and, with another spritz of oil, start cooking the eggs in the same pan.
Plate the tortilla-wrapped chiles and top with warmed Fresh Chile Co. Red & Green Blend and sprinkle with cheese. Top with the egg or eggs and serve them up.
A shake or two of crushed red chile flakes is an excellent option.

Recipe by Jim Hastings from Fresh Chile Cookin'! page on Facebook. 

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