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Chile Rellenos


Flour (about 2 Cups)

Cheddar Cheese (or Monterey Jack) - long strips

8 Whole Chile Peppers (Roasted/Peeled/De-seeded)

3 Eggs (whites and yolks separated)

Canola Oil (enough to fill electric skillet to 1.5 deep)


Heat an Electric Skillet to 350 degrees with oil.

Keeping Chile peppers intact, from the top of the chile insert strips of cheese.
Roll in flour to cover the entire chile pepper.
Set aside all stuffed and flour-covered chile peppers on a cookie sheet covered in flower.
Meanwhile, in a mixer (kitchen aid standing type), beat together the three egg whites on high until "stiff," then fold in 3 egg yolks with a fork.
Take chile from flour and dip it in the egg batter.
Use a spoon as needed to make sure the chile is completely covered.
Carefully place into heated electric skillet.
When you see underneath egg batter start to brown use tongs to (carefully) turn over to cook the other side of raw egg batter.
Once all batter is browned and completely cooked, use tongs to remove from oil and place on layered paper towels to soak up excess grease.
Serve with pinto beans, guacamole, flour tortilla, etc.

NOTE: If you want to make them with less grease you can also heat a cast-iron skillet on the stove and melt some butter and cook them on there instead of in the heated oil.




Best recipe and demo for rellenos that I’ve seen. I’ll try it soon. We order the whole frozen green chiles (hot!).

Nancy Travis

So excited to try this recipe at home at last!! Great video. I just got my shipment of frozen roasted green chilis and I’m very happy to have these for the holiday season. I’m not ‘stuck’ at home during the pandemic. I’m SAFE at home with some wonderful chiles.

Alicia Gonzalez

Thank you so much for your Chile rellnos recipe they came out delicious.😋😋😋

Patrick Russell

I like my Renellos with a beer batter. Still roll in flour, then in the beer batter and fry.


Cookie Sheet covered in Flower? Lets blame your hubby. lol j/k

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