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So this is Randy with the Fresh Chile Company. And they're putting the Big Jim and the Sandia, Big Jim medium, and Sandia in the ground today just north of Hatch, New Mexico. And I want to show you how this machine works. It's really cool. So these are the plants that were grown in Yuma, Arizona. And the seeds, of course, came from here. So follow me. Here we go. Watch where you're walking. I got you. So these guys here are taking the plants, and they're putting them right into these cylinders that turn. And then they go into... They come out the bottom. You see them coming out the bottom, and they are planted in the ground right here. And then they walk behind. Good morning. What's your name? Okay, good. And he's walking behind here to see that they're all planted nicely. So this field is Big Jim and Sandia. Big Jim is a big, fat, beautiful chile that's perfect for chile rellenos. And the Sandia is probably one of the most flavorful chiles that we've ever had. Both of them are great. It's hotter. And so this year, as you know, we're selling varietals. It's called Big Jim and then Sandia, and you can pre-order that. It'll come in bigger chunks in the jar, about one-inch chunks that are going to be beautiful. And so, just go to the website and pre-order. It's going to be a limited amount, but this is going into the ground right now in Hatch.

It'll be exciting. They go about 15,000 plants per acre, and they will plant this 15-acre tract here in two hours this morning. They planted these plants by seed in Yuma, Arizona, in a beautiful greenhouse there. You can go back and see the video. I did that earlier in February. And they grow them there until they're ready. They bring them out here, and you can see what these guys are doing. Most of these guys here are on the work program from different countries around South America. They're all here legally on a work permit program. They come over every year. They're provided housing and transportation, and they are paid very well. They plant them, they tend to them, they will be harvesting them, and we owe them all a whole lot of thanks. So thanks for being interested. These guys are walking behind with shovels. If they see one that is missing, they'll uncover it. And then they've got some more plants that they need to fill in, and they can. Thanks for joining us from Hatch, New Mexico. If you're interested in the Big Jim and Sandia varietals, get up there and pre-order so that we make sure we get it for you. Have a great day. Eat More Chile. Carol and I and some friends of ours from Dallas are here visiting. We're going to go eat some Mexican food at the Pepper Pot in downtown Hatch. Have a great day.

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