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Hatch Chile Salsa - 12 Pack

Hatch Chile Salsa - 12 Pack

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The Hatch Chile Salsa 12-Pack is a curated collection of authentic New Mexican salsas and chile sauces. This pack celebrates the rich, diverse flavors of Hatch chiles and is perfect for those who love a blend of heat and flavor.

The Hatch Chile Salsa - 12 Pack includes the following:

      1. 575 Hatch Green Chile: Experience fresh green Hatch Chiles's vibrant and zesty flavor.
      2. 575 Hatch Red Chile: Indulge in ripe red Hatch Chiles' rich and robust taste.
      3. Papa's Chunky Hatch Chile Salsa: A delicious salsa crafted with the finest ingredients, featuring the authentic heat of Hatch Chiles.
      4. Mama's Blended Hatch Chile Salsa: A savory salsa packed with Hatch Chile goodness, perfect for adding a spicy kick to your dishes.
      5. Pure Hatch Green Chile: Enjoy the pure essence of Hatch Chiles with this versatile and flavorful product.
      6. Hatch Red & Green Blend Chile: A delightful combination of red and green Hatch Chiles, offering a balanced and harmonious flavor profile.
      7. Hatch Red Chile Roast: Taste the smoky and slightly sweet notes of roasted red Hatch Chiles in this delectable product.
      8. Fresh Hatch Red Chile: Freshly harvested red Hatch Chiles bring a vibrant and distinct taste to your culinary creations.
      9. Roasted Hatch Green Chile: Savor the irresistible flavor of roasted green Hatch Chiles, adding depth and complexity to your favorite recipes.
      10. Jalapeño Salsa Roja: Experience the bold and robust flavors of roasted jalapeños in this mouthwatering salsa.
      11. Jalapeño Salsa Verde: A vibrant and refreshing salsa made with green jalapeños, offering a delightful balance of heat and tanginess.
      12. Hatch Sun-Dried Chile: Intensify your dishes with the concentrated flavors of sun-dried Hatch Chiles, adding depth and complexity to recipes.
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