Yuma Green Chile Transplants in Hatch, New Mexico | Hatch Green Chile Update

This is Randy and Jenna from the Fresh Chile Company. And we are in a field just north of Hatch, New Mexico, in a place called Garfield, New Mexico. Right, Jenna? Yeah. And look at these beautiful plants. Are they gorgeous? So it's chilly, isn't it? Yeah. We just planted them a couple of days ago. These are some of the chiles that were planted that were started in Yuma, Arizona, with Hatch Chile Seed. And they grow them there until they're this size. They bring them over here, and they transplant them about 15,000 plants per acre. And this is about a 25-acre field right here. So you can do the math. That's a lot of chile plants, right, Jenna? Right. That's right. So Jen and I are out here. We're just checking out how they're doing. They're about three days old into the field. They were actually planted in the middle or beginning of April, and we're going to be doing some chile harvesting in about four months, aren't we, baby? Yes, we are. Yes, we are. Wow. And roasting some brand-new chiles on the grill, Right? Right. So stay tuned. You're going to get Probably an email and a text about some inventory clearance sales we got going on this weekend because we want to get ready and clean out the warehouse ready for this next season, right, Jenna? Right. That's right. Have a great day. Jen and I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Um. I'm going to. We love this time of year, and Jenna and I think it's. The most amazing holiday of the year is Easter.

So we're excited about celebrating with our family tomorrow. We're going to have some green chile mashed potatoes, right, Jenna? We're going to have some deviled eggs that my other daughter Jamie makes. And we're going to put fresh red chile on top of them. That is amazing. And I'm putting on a ham tomorrow to smoke, and I'm going to cover it with our hatch hot honey. And then we're also doing a brisket tonight in the big green egg. And when I get it off in the morning, I'll smother it in our hatch barbecue sauce. So we're going to enjoy a wonderful weekend with great Easter food. And Chile makes everything better. Have a great day. And what do we like to tell everybody, Jen? Eat More Chile! That's right. Yeah. Eat more Chile. Have a great day from Hatch, New Mexico, just north of Hatch. Right, Jen? Not too far north of Hatch, about 20 miles. That's going to make a bunch of beautiful chiles. God bless you this Easter season. Thank you for being interested in our products. He is risen; He is risen, indeed! Have a great day. Bye.

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