Water Diversion at Percha Dam | Hatch Green Chile Update

This is Randy with The Fresh Chile Company. And you saw the video a little while ago where there was no water here, and it started to come. Opening that, slowly it's coming up, and look at the water going out over here. And the reason they do that is to flush all of the crap that comes down when the river hasn't had any water in it. So it has all this crap in it. So they let it fill up, and now they're opening it up and look at it go, man. I mean, it is going. Love this. Really pushing. And you can hear that they're raising that dam right below my feet. Raise it all the way up and flush all of this, all of this debris. Water coming.

It's really pushing now, boy. And so they're going to open this up. Just long enough to clean all this crap out and started doing it, started cleaning it and it. All the wood and weeds and stuff. Get it cleaned out. And then they're going to open those gates right over there. And that's what will take the water to Hatch and to the Hatch Valley. And they'll have water for the next 12, 15 days, and then they'll open this river back up. We'll turn it on. Right now, it's at 500 CFM at the lake cubic feet per minute. They'll turn it to 2500 CFM, and this river will be full. They'll open this up, and they'll have water both here and in Hatch. That's Gary Esslinger. He's the head of EBID and some of his employees. And Mr. Salopek is here with me too. See, this water is really going, and we want real stuff out of it. So they'll shut this back down in a minute, and this will stop. And then they will open these gates up, and it'll bend half. Hope you guys have enjoyed it. Seeing how they control the water up here and in the Hatch area. And just below Caballo Lake, we decided this year to have a lot more water. Have a great day. Eat more Chile.

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