Road trip to Yuma, Arizona | Hatch Green Chile Update

This is Randy with the Fresh Chile Company. Carol and I are on a little road trip here heading to Yuma, Arizona. We're going to go and see the seedlings that were planted about 30 days ago that will be brought to New Mexico. The seedlings, the seeds, obviously come from New Mexico. They are New Mexico chiles, but we have them grown at a greenhouse in Arizona to get started so that we have chiles earlier in the year. And then we plant some by seed directly also. But we're on our way to Arizona. We stopped last night, um, about 100 miles from Tucson at a rest stop here, and just wanted to show you this beautiful scenery here. My gosh. The sun is hitting these mountains. And we're right on the interstate, as you can see. Beautiful, beautiful morning. Still got some snow-capped mountains over there, even in Arizona.

The wind's going to be bad tomorrow. So we're trying to get over there today, but we'll be in Yuma and we're going to tour the huge greenhouse where our seedlings were planted about 30 days ago. See how they're doing, give them a pep talk. Maybe we call it a pepper talk, how's that? Anyway, we'll show you some beautiful pictures of Arizona on the way. And then when we get there, we'll do some live videos with the greenhouse and the new Chile Peppers. Have a great day. The season is beginning again. Eat More Chile!

Thank you,
Randy McMillan

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