Road Trip to Hatch, New Mexico | Hatch Green Chile Update

Good morning. This is Randy and Jenna from the Fresh Chile Company. Right, Jen? And we're on our way to Hatch, New Mexico. Where are we going? Hatch Right. And that's about 30 miles north of Las Cruces. And we're about, excuse my moving the phone around here, we're about to cross the Rio Grande River. We're on a back road here with very little traffic. And I want to show you what the Rio Grande River looks like. Right, Jen? Right. Okay. So that is what the Rio Grande River looks like today. There is not a drop of water in it! They will be turning on the water here in another. Let me show you, Jenna. Hey, Jen.

Hey. You say, let's go to Hatch. Let's go to Hatch. Come on, let's go. So you look at that river down there. Isn't that pitiful? That's what it looks like, the Rio Grande River here in New Mexico for most of the year, you can see the Organ Mountains in the back there. So we're on our way, right, babe? Wait. Okay, cool. We might have a burrito up there at one of our favorite restaurants. But we're also going to check the Chile fields now in May sometime, we will go up there and watch them open the gate and see the water start to come out.

This is a beautiful pecan farm we're about to go through here.

Just north of Las Cruces, south of Hatch. This area has the largest pecan farm in the world. This one, isn't it, but the Stillman Farms is the largest pecan farm in the world. That's why we sell pecans on our website as well. In fact, my dad has a little pecan farm. So I'm going to put this down here, and we're going to hatch. Right, babe? Right. Okay. And we will see you guys there and show you what the fields are looking like.

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