Hatch Green Chile Planting | Hatch Green Chile Update

This is Randy with a Fresh Chile Company, and I'm just north of Hatch, New Mexico. And we are planting Charger chiles right now. This machine plants all of these rows at the same time. They come out of these; you can see these guys are putting the plants in these cylinders. Here's what the plants look like. And then it comes out, and it's planted right there. And they are beautiful, aren't they? And then we've got guys walking behind adding the plants to the machine. And then, like this one, fixing it if it's not planted perfectly. They are kind of standing it up straight, whatever they need to do. There's one missing. They'll add to it. Whoa. Just finished this row. We're going to back up a little and turn around and do another row. This is such a cool process, and you can see what it looks like when it's done. So much work has gone into this throughout the year. These were planted. The seeds were taken from chiles here in Hatch. They were taken to Yuma, Arizona, into a greenhouse. They were planted and then brought out here. Then right behind the planter is a machine that comes in and just fixes the rows and makes them really perfectly beautiful. He's going to back up here, so I better get out of the way. But you can see what these rows look like. Now in the ground, there is a drip system that they will now turn on and feed these plants with the water and nutrients that they need to not only survive but thrive.

And I better get out of this guy's way because he's not going to wait on me. It's a beautiful morning here in Hatch, and I highly recommend you get your orders in for fresh chile. If you're wanting to get fresh chile this year, now's the time to order it because we will send out the orders in the way they are made. So as orders come in, they'll be the first to go out. These chiles are chargers. It's a medium-sized chile, I'm sorry, a medium-heat chile. But it is a huge, big, beautiful chile Reno-type chile. Look at that; how pretty. I'm going to show you one more time what this machine is doing. If I can catch up to them. The charger is a big, thick, meaty chile that has tremendous flavor. It has a medium heat level. And it's one of my favorites for Chile Relleno's. It's between that and the G-76 (hot). And so I'm going to show you one more time. This machine process here, the plants are put up here on the machine. You've got all of these guys that are dropping these plants right into these cylinders. They come out here, and they are hitting the ground. Wow, what a process! Have a great day. Eat More Chile, and if you want some fresh chile delivered, I would order it now. All for now, from Hatch, New Mexico, where the best chile in the world is grown. We're getting it ready for you. Have a great day. Bye.

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