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So right after the planter, they come back in with this machine that makes the furrows perfect. Kind of covers up the plants a little bit and protects these plants from the wind is what this is for. And they go in right behind the planter with this machine. You can see the guy up there in the tractor. He's not driving; all of these tractors are driven by GPS. They he's up there, and he'll turn it around. But the tractor is completely controlled by a computer and GPS, so you can see what the field looked like before. Right there. And then you can see what it looks like after. And this follows the planter. And there's your big Jim in Sandia, Chile, right there. Fun, fun, fun. Have a great day. And yes, eat more chile if you're interested in the Big Jim, which is a beautiful medium variety. Make sure you go up and pre-order. And if you're interested in the Sandia, that's a little hotter variety that is well known for its beautiful flavor. So like wine, you'll buy a cab or a muscat or a petite verdeau this year from the Fresh Chile Company. You're going to be able to buy the varietal of Big Jim, which, by the way, farmers do not like to grow. It doesn't produce as much as Charger or G-76. But it's a chile that is a big, fat, beautiful chile with great flavor and great heritage from Hatch.

So our farmer Scotty was kind enough to put in some acreage of each of these for us. Sandia is a Chile that's always been known here in Hatch to have some of the most beautiful flavor of any Chile. And so this year, even though the production is probably half to three-quarters of what these other chiles are, he was kind enough to put this in, and we're going to be cutting it in bigger chunks and putting it in the jar for you so you can have pure Big Jim and pure Sandia. We'll have the green and the red & green blend. And what I'm so excited about, and this isn't on the website yet, but it will be soon, is the Big Jim Enchilada sauce and Sandia Enchilada sauce, which is our fresh red, but made specifically from those two varieties, in particular, and the Big Jim is known for making the best fresh red enchilada sauce for Medium. And Sandia Select is known for making the best enchilada sauce if you like it hot, just the best flavors. And they're harder to grow. They produce less. But we got it. So we're going to bring it to you. Hope you enjoy it. We're looking forward to it. So excited for the new Hatch Chile season this year. Every year it's so good to see all of the people working and the plants coming up, and we'll watch it all the way through until we're picking chiles and putting it in the jar and show you the whole process from our company at the Fresh Chile Company so you know where your food came from.

And you know how good it is. By the way, this is all on a drip. There are drip lines that were also put into GPS by GPS, about eight inches below these plants on each row. There's a drip line. And that's why you have to drive with the computer because otherwise, you'd be tearing up these drip lines. But because it's so precise, there's no problem. And they can feed these the water that they need every day or every other day or whatever. Scotty, the farmer decides, is the best. Scotty is a fifth-generation Chile farmer here in Hatch. His ancestors came over from Italy actually to plant grapes here and ended up more in the Chile business than the wine business. So I grow some grapes, as you know, and make some wine, and he loves it. But he's the best Chile farmer in the country and the best Chile growing region in the world. And that's who we get our Chile from. And I'm so grateful. Scotty Adams from Adams Produce. Have a great day. I am going to go eat some right now.

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