Green Chile Plants in Yuma, Arizona | Hatch Green Chile Update

This is Randy with the Fresh Chile Company. I'm in Yuma, Arizona, at the greenhouses where a lot of our chile plants are started. We are looking at some baby chiles that are not even out of the ground yet here in the greenhouse. So when were those planted? These were seeded on 2/17 (February 17th). 2/17. Yeah. And they take 11 to 13 days. Yeah. So these chile plants have not started to come up yet, but I just showed you what it looks like. It's about to pop out, right? Yeah, about to come out. These have started to come out. Yeah. And are barely out. So what are they planted in? It's peat moss. Yeah, it's peat moss with some perlite in it. Yeah. So it looks like little rocks. Yes, exactly. It's coated with vermiculite. The stuff you see on top is vermiculite. And we use this to help hold the water in the plug. So these will be up in another 2 or 3 days? Yep, another 2 or 3 days. You can see the right below the surface. So you just come right up. Yep. Cool. And these are the hot ones, G 76. Yeah, those are hot. These babies will light you up, they're not extra hot, but they're hot. Adams Produce. And these are about an, oh an inch, inch and a quarter tall. Thanks for showing us around. You got it. Pleasure. Thank you guys for coming. Anytime, goodbye.

Thank you,
Randy McMillan

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