How To Cook Hatch Green Chile Rellenos

Randy takes you behind the scenes from his house to show you how to make delicious Hatch Green Chile Rellenos from fresh green chile peppers! Check out his recipe as he guides you from start to finish.

You can purchase freshly picked Hatch Green Chile peppers straight from the farm directly to your home! Nothing beats the taste of a green chile pepper!

These Hatch Chile peppers are the highest quality peppers that our owner, Randy McMillan, could find in Hatch, New Mexico. Now you can roast at home the very peppers we use to make your favorite Fresh Chile sauces.



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This video was such an enjoyable education. I am a third-generation Hispanic native of California. I have made Chile Rellenos for many years and this video helped to understand how to greatly improve my culinary skills. Clearly, I was overroasting, thereby overcooking the Chiles. I never even thought of washing the Chiles immediately after roasting to stop the cooking process.

I love the idea of frying them in butter rather than oil; using the Green Chile powder in the flour and simply pour the egg yolks into the egg whites.

As a recently retired Professor of English, and I am always open to learning more.

Thank you so much,


V. Diaz-Cooper

Randy, thank you so much for the video. I love Chile Relleno’s…always afraid of making them. I thought you had to remove the seeds, but it looks like you don’t.
We roasted chiles yesterday and had green chile chesse hamburgers. Great. We used to get 30 lbs of chiles and roast them on a saturday morning, Had a beer and listened to Los Lobos…The neighbor;s knew it was us and always said something. Were 77 yrs old now, so we don’t do that much anymore…Thanks again, Linda

Linda Toledo

Loved your lesson on making Chile Rellenos. I will be doing them. Thank you so much!


Randy, thank you so much for providing us this video! I never realized how easy making chili relleno could be. I’ll be ordering some of your fresh chilies today. Looking forward to making this recipe.

George Roden

I learned you do not have to steam them and that you don’t have to use a depth of oil to cook them. A very different approach than what I have been using for years. And I like the result – I think stopping the cooking is a great idea. Thanks

Lawrence Handley

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