Asadero Green Chile Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Asadero Green Chile Mashed Potatoes


6 large Potatoes

2 sticks butter

1 T. Parsley flakes

1 T. Garlic powder (or 1 fresh clove)

1 1/2- 2c. Grated Asadero Cheese ( can substitute with Munster)

1 t. Salt or to taste

1 t. Pepper or to taste

1/4 c. Chicken broth

1/4 to 1 c. Milk as needed for consistency.

1/2- 1 Jar of Red/Green Blend Chile Sauce (depending on preference)



Boil, washed and cubed potatoes.

Drain and put cheese and butter on hot potatoes.

Add other spices, 1 Jar of Blend chile sauce and chicken broth then mix together.

Add in milk as needed until you get to the proper consistency. Cheesy Mashed Potatoes are best served HOT.  You can put in a baking dish, cover and keep warm in low oven until ready to serve.



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Making these tonight. We’ll see, but so far all the recipes I have tried from this site have been great.


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