How To Roast Hatch Green Chile On A Gas Grill

So if you want to roast your chile when you get it on a gas grill, you want to get it as hot as you can get it. I got this up to 500 degrees. Just turn it as hot as it'll go. Let it run for five, ten, or fifteen minutes and then put your chile on like this. Keep it on the hottest part of the grill. The key to roasting chile is the hot fire. You do not want a fire that's not hot, and the hotter, the better. It tastes better, and it doesn't cook the meat. It just parches the skin. So I'm going to put that on there. I'm going to shut it down. If I had a gas grill, I mean, a wood-fired grill or a charcoal grill like this one over here that we've been roasting on. Look at the heat of this thing. Oh, my gosh. This thing is so hot. I'm not sure we can even I'm going to put these on here. This is a charcoal grill. It's a green egg, but I've got it hot with charcoal.

And really, this is the best thing to use if you can because it gets so hot, and then it roasts it quickly, and it doesn't cook the chile meat. I'm going to shut that down and let it cool just a little because that is almost too hot. And so these are some we've roasted over on that, and we immediately put in ice water. This is cold. So I roasted it fast and then put it in ice water. And look what that does. This ice, this skin just comes off. Done. Here we go. Done. That Chile is peeled. And look at the thickness of that chile. And I mean, it's just thick. The walls are thick, and it is beautiful. Now, this is a G7 chile and which is hot, hot. It's not extra hot, but it's hotter than hot. So I probably shouldn't do this, but I can't help myself. I already did it once. That's why my nose is running. I had a cold. I won't have it for long. Oh, so good. But you better have a tortilla.

Oh, this is doing pretty well. Guys, come over here and look. Look at that. This whole gas grill got up and running, boy. Look at the parch on that. See how the skin parches. That's what you're looking for right there, this parch on the skin. And then you turn it. Now, for some of these chiles, you can turn with one turn, and you'll get it. And some of them, the ones that are a strange shape like this one, you're going to have to turn three times. To get it done.

The flavor, guys, of that chile is unbelievable. And my beautiful wife just brought me this, which I needed. She knew because it was hot. So I got both grills going here. And, oh, my gosh. As I said earlier, don't do this unless you got plenty of food because the neighbors are going to smell this. There is no better smell. Maybe the only better smell is when we roast red. That might be better, but not much. You're getting there. But they're. They're not there yet. Definitely slower than charcoal. They'll be fine, but they're not as good. So if you've got a charcoal grill. So ice and water right there. Put it in there as quickly as you get it off the grill. And as soon as it's ready, it goes on the ice. They don't know that in Colorado, by the way, but I'm sure they'll learn. We're teaching them everything they know. Sooner or later, they'll learn. But what the ice does is it stops the meat from cooking. And you want to parch the skin and stop the meat from cooking so that it keeps a crunchy texture. So you can see the ones on the charcoal fire got done quite a bit quicker. And what that means is the texture of chile is going to be better, but these are going to be fine. These are going to be just fine, and they're going to be beautiful.

But you need to know when we roast our chile for you and put it in your jar. We use the hottest roaster you can buy. In fact, the gas company had to turn the pressure up to 5 lb. And we'll show you the roaster at the plant. The fire just it's going 3 to 4ft, and it roasts 40 Lb in three minutes. That's how fast it is. And then, that roaster immediately turns on the water, and it cools it immediately. And so the chile you get in your jar is really roasted the best way possible. But you know this there's nothing better than fresh chile, like fresh fish or fresh corn. When we eat our hamburger here tonight, this is going to be amazing. And my nose is still running from that first chile, and that's a good thing. So a little later, we'll show you how to do it in the oven for those that don't have a grill. And it's just about as easy. So thanks for joining us. Enjoy roasting your chile. Buy some. Try this. You're going to be amazed at what this tastes like on a hamburger or a hot dog or whatever you put it on. Our chile is great in the jar, but when you roast your own, it's like catching a fish at the lake and putting it on the grill, and eating it. There's nothing better. So thanks for joining us.

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