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This is Randy with The Fresh Chile Company, and they are opening the water from the Rio Grande River now into the Hatch Canal. I don't know if you can see these gates opening slowly or actually they're coming up. They're slowly coming up. And look at this water go over here. There they go. Look at that.

That diverts this water into the hatch irrigation system, and it'll come back into the river down below Hatch. But most of it'll get used. They're going to; they've got, they're putting 200 cubic feet per minute, per second; I'm sorry, here, no per minute. 200 cubic feet per minute. And this is heading to Hatch to water our chile. This is always a fun time. We're at the Percha Dam, where they turned on the water. This was all dry two hours ago, and now they've filled it up from Caballo Lake. And these guys just opened all of these valves. You can see. So what do you take it up to? About 15 to 24. Dunno if you can see. That's coming up slowly. And that's letting more and more water in each of these coming up. He's you're about 24 now. They're all at 24.

And they open them all at the same time. And that water is moving, boy. And those Hatch farmers are happy, happy, happy right down there as they've got that machine they hooked up that will tell them the real-time how much water is going through this canal. They can pretty well tell by how much is in the river and how much they open these gates. Pretty cool. But then that down there measures it. It's actually in the water, and it will measure the amount of water coming through here. Well, we are officially open. The hatch water system is officially open for 2023, and we are grateful. We thank the Lord for the water. Hope you guys have a great day and have enjoyed this process. Eat more Chile. We're going to have a lot of it this year. Goodbye.

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