How To Roast Hatch Green Chile

1. Wash Hatch Green Chile Peppers in cold water.
2. Use a fork to poke holes in the Hatch Green Chile Peppers, so they do not explode under heat.
3. Whether using your oven (on broil), stovetop, or grill, use the hottest heat level possible.
4. Place Hatch Green Chile Peppers flat on the heating surface.
5. Roast Hatch Green Chile Peppers, rotating until blackened and blistered on all sides.
6. As Hatch Green Chile Peppers are ready, submerge them into a bucket of ice water to stop peppers from cooking.
7. Peel and rinse Hatch Green Chile Peppers underneath running water.
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Download Instructions Here: How To Roast Hatch Green Chile

Please check out these informative videos from Randy & Carol on how to roast Hatch Green Chile on a Charcoal Grill, Gas Grill, Stove Top, and Oven!



sally smith

i leave the skin on and freeze then peel when im ready to use.

Garnet Peter Dyck

I learned from an old lady to roast them as you said and then vacuum pack them in portion sizes(4-5) and freeze them. The skin helps retain the flavor and they peel easily as I need them.

elizabeth hay

You should not peel the chillis under running water. Removes some of their flavor.

Jerry Aden

Can you split the chili and stuff with cheese and BBQ and eat the skin on it?

Greg Lauber

I’m interested, especially in the Sandia chiles! Here in Kansas City, we buy fresh Hatch chiles in August at markets where they are roasted when you buy them by the case, to last us for a year. We take them home, peel off the skin, and freeze them in quart bags. I watched your videos, but I wonder what the best way of putting them up is. Roast and peel all the chiles immediately, then freeze, or freeze the fresh chiles, then roast them as needed? BTW, in KC, we only get a hot or mild option, and never really know what variety we’re getting. If you kindly respond with an answer, I’ll be placing an order for 13 lbs tomorrow. I can smell ‘em now!

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