Bloody Mary


2 Tablespoons Fresh Red Chile Sauce (heat of your choice)
1 tsp Hatch Red Chile Powder
3/4 Cup Zing Zang
1/4 (or more πŸ˜‰) Grey Goose Vodka
Bunch of ice
Blue Cheese stuffed Olives
Baby Dill pickles
Celery stick
Lime wedges
Kosher Salt

Salt the rim of glass by taking a lime wedge and rubbing around top then dip it into prepared plate with kosher salt and Hatch Red Chile Powder combined. Then in a shaker add together Fresh Red Chile Sauce, Zing Zang and Vodka and shake well with ice. Pour into glass filled with more ice. Add in celery β€œstir” stick and cocktail stick with olives, pickles and a lime on the side of the glass! Enjoy

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