Hatch Green Chile Veggie Tacos Recipe

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

7 Minutes

Total Time:

22 Minutes




376 calories per serving


 Hatch Green Chile Veggie Tacos


1.Cut Cauliflower
Cut cauliflower into desired floret sizes.

2. Set Oven Temperature
Set oven to broil at 550 degrees.

3. Add Fresh Red to Cauliflower
Add 1/2 jar of Fresh Red Chile to cauliflower and mix in with your hands to cover all the cauliflower florets.

4. Add Posole Seasoning
Add the desired amount of Posole Seasoning and mix generously with Fresh Red Chile & cauliflower florets.

5. Place Baking Dish Into the Oven
Placed baking dish into oven (should be set to broil at 550 degrees) and leave for 5 minutes. Oven times may vary, so it's good to watch the dish throughout, checking for blackened char on the cauliflower florets. Remove the baking dish of cauliflower from the oven.

6. Turn on the stovetop burner to high heat
Turn the stovetop burner to high heat on a square cast iron griddle and lightly oil. Place Hatch Green Chile tortillas on top of the griddle and flip over when the other side starts to brown in spots. Then use tongs or a fork and flip over to the other side for about 45 seconds. Remove the tortilla and repeat with as many needed tortillas. Stack them as they are heated.

7. Place Tortillas on a Plate
Place Hatch Green Chile tortillas on a plate and spoon desired amount of Fresh Red Chile cauliflower florets on top of the tortillas.

8. Add Pure Green Chile to the Tacos
Grab a jar of Pure Green Chile and spoon the desired amount of green chile on top of the cauliflower tacos.

9. Enjoy!
Place directly into your mouth and let your taste buds dance with flavor!

Recipe by Chris Lang Fresh Chile.







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