Deviled Eggs w/Fresh Red


18 Hard-boiled Eggs
1/2 C Mayo
1/4 C Mustard

1/4 Tsp Pinches Salt
Dash Pepper
1/8 Tsp Paprika

1/3 C Dill Pickles/Chopped or Dill Relish (optional)
6 Strips Bacon/Cooked and crumbled

Fresh Red Chile Sauce HOT - or as desired

• Smash egg yolks altogether in a bowl, then add ingredients above to the yolks. Once mixed, add back into egg whites. Can also add in crispy bacon or diced crab to the mix for some variation! Enjoy.

1 squeeze bottle filled with Fresh Red Chile Sauce

• Once you have made your deviled eggs, you can generously squirt Fresh Red Chile Sauce over the top of the deviled eggs to give them a kick!

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I make my Deviled Eggs with a Lil Bit of Green Chile and some lime. No Mustard!
Then Sprinkle with the Red Chile Powder is how I would make them.

Vic Arvizu

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