Think Outside the Tortilla

Think outside the tortilla. There’s more to chile than sauce and salsa out there.

Fresh Chile Co. powders and seasoning blends elevate your cooking repertoire.

Fresh Chile Co. powders begin as red or green dry chile pods. They are ground into a superfine consistency and packed in bottles with caps that allow you to sprinkle the powder or twist off the cap and get it out by the teaspoon. How you use them is only limited by your taste buds and imagination.

The red powder re-invents a tomato sauce pasta with a little heat that perks it up and make you want some more. It can make a cold gazpacho zing or turn a soup into a whole new experience. A few shakes over of the bottle can turn a carnivore into a salad eater. A sprinkle on deviled eggs will make you lose the paprika can hiding in the pack of the pantry.

The green powder is just as versatile. It is great on meats. A few shakes on mac and cheese make that dish a new experience. It makes leafy green vegetables put a smile on your face.

Fall will be here soon and people will starting thinking about the warming power of a bowl of posole, that almost mystical pork and red chile stew. Our Posole Seasoning blend will you shopping for a bigger pot because your posole will be so good that everyone will want bowl after bowl after bowl and you might run out! We are hearing about people slipping the Posole Seasoning powder into basting sauces for meats on the grill.  Casseroles are gaining new fans because they are suddenly different with the addition of Posole Seasoning  magic.

This summer a new Fresh Chile Co. Hatch Chile Spice Blend was introduced. It’s chef developer has his recipe under lock and key in an unnamed secure location. He refuses to share it and we can’t blame him. It is getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried it and some of our customers are on their second and third orders.

Of course it has Hatch chiles in it. The chiles and the secret ingredients are being used in, soups, stews, salads and sprinkled on popcorn and salad and other vegetable dishes. We’re grateful that people are sharing their ideas with us.

People love Fresh Chile Co. sauces and salsas are just part of the package. Hatch Green Chile Pecans, Red Chile Pecans and Sweet Hot Pecans are more chile favorites as snacks and as accents in baked dishes. Think about a handful of coarse chopped f Red Chile Pecans in your next batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies.  Some green chile pecans would be a great addition to all kinds of salads. Maybe a sprinkle of sweet and hot bits on a pudding or dish of ice cream would be nice, too.

We still love enchiladas, tacos, chilaquiles, sopes and rellenos but we like to think outside the tortilla once in a while do something new and different. Check out our recipes on the website:

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