Hatch Posole

Even though it is 100+ outside chile harvesting and drying has begun. That means it is time to think about cool weather and nights warmed by a bowl of posole.

Posole is the native and Spanish word for hominy that is made from dried corn. Posole 

with pork and chile with herbs and spices is also the name of a stew that is perfect for cold evenings. In Mexico and northern New Mexico, it is a Christmas tradition.

It is thought that posole was invented in what is now the Mexican state of Jalisco. It has been a part of the diet of corn-growing natives populations across Mexico and on north to New Mexico and Arizona for centuries.

The Fresh Chile Co. has a powdered posole herb mix that can become part of a kit including red chile sauce and posole made from either white or blue corn available year ‘round.

Of course, you can find dried corn and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and make your own hominy in a process called nixtamalization. It requires soaking the corn overnight, draining it and adding slaked lime and boiling it, soaking it.  That changes the chemical structure of the corn kernel which makes niacin available during digestion and boosts the availability of protein.

After soaking the nixtamalized corn is drained and put in clean water and the fun begins. Using your fingers, you rub the skin off each kernel. At the base of each kernel is a little brown seed germ traditionally removed with your fingernails, a knife, tweezers or scissors. It is edible and is sometime left alone. After one more good rinsing,  you can move the hominy to a large pot, add seasonings and boil it again for about an hour while you work on the chile and pork.

Making posole from dried corn is a real labor of love. Using a pack of dried hominy, a jar of red chile sauce and a bottle of posole seasoning gives more loving time to enjoy your holiday celebration and saves a trip to the manicurist according to the ladies at the Fresh Chile Co.

In addition to your posole pack, you can find gifts of chile sauces and salsas,  chile coated nuts, decorative ristras of dried red chiles and more on the freshchileco.com website for yourself and for the special people on your holiday list. The folks at the Fresh Chile Co. will handle shipping of your thoughtful taste of New Mexico packages for you, too.

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