New Mexican Breakfast Pizza

New Mexican Breakfast Pizza and Avocado Toast

Prickly pear tortilla
FCC Red Chile Tortilla
1/2 a large avocado sliced
1/2 cup FCC Red & Green Chile
1/2 tsp or so FCC Hatch Red Chile Powder
2 slices Colby Jack cheese
2 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patties
1 Heritage egg with part of the whites removed

Lightly spray tortillas with avocado oil or whatever you have on hand. Add a slice of cheese on each tortilla, sausage on one avocado on the other, drop your egg into the center of the avocado, surround everything with the red/green chile and sprinkle the chile powder on absolutely everything
  * a nice sub when you're trying to avoid bread, its spicy crunchy creamy egg yolk, and avocado makes a super easy brunch, Baked on-air roast setting at 475 for 10 minutes and FCC saves the day the red chile tortilla is packing an excellent back heat. Enjoy!

Recipe by Linda Zigler from the Fresh Chile Cookin' Group.

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