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Leftovers Reimagined

Leftovers Reimagined

This recipe uses up any leftovers in your refrigerator to make a new meal. Feel free to be creative and substitute any ingredients. Seasonings are up to you; I didn't use a lot of extra spices and seasonings as my leftovers were already well seasoned from the previous cooking.
Measurements are approximate: add more or do less.

6" tortillas; corn, or flour
¾ c. Leftover rice
½ c. Green Chile shredded chicken
½ c. Taco seasoned ground beef
½ c. Black beans
1 can tomatoes with green chiles like Rotel. (I make my own with chopped canned tomatoes, Pure Green Chile, and cubed squash and seasonings)
6 Tbsp. Softened cream cheese + any other cheese you want to use
6 Tbsp. Green Chile chopped or strips
1 c. Shredded cheese any type you want (I used shredded 3 cheese Mexican blend)


Oil a casserole dish (8 ½ X 11) and spread the cream cheese over the tortilla.
Then spread 1 tbsp Pure Green Chile and some rice over half the tortilla, add any other cheese you want and fold over the tortilla like a taco.
Repeat with remaining tortillas.
Lay the folded tortilla in the casserole dish, overlapping as you go down the length of the pan and space them out to cover the bottom. 
Mix the meats, beans, and tomatoes (Rotel).
Ladle some under each edge of the tortillas and pour all over the top.
Cover the tortillas with cheese and bake at 350° for 30 minutes.

Recipe by Saundra Tull Steckline from Fresh Chile Cookin'! group on Facebook. 

Fresh Chile customers submitted the following recipes. As home cooks, they have only provided the following instructions. Please note that some recipes do not contain exact measurements. We encourage you to use our products with as little or as much as you would like to experience. Happy Cooking!


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