Breakfast Tostadas

Breakfast Tostadas


3 Scrambled eggs
1/4 cup Chopped Bacon
1/2 cup Chesse (to your hearts desire)
1/4 cup Jalapeño Roast
Splash of Milk
2 Red Jalapeño Corn Tortillas
Desired Coffee and Honey
Serving size: 1 to 2


Add eggs, bacon, splash of milk to bowl.
Mix well, add to heated pan and make scrambled eggs.
Scoot Eggs to the side of pan (if you have room, or remove them from pan and set aside).
Spritz Both sides of Red Jalapeño Corn Tortillas and heat on both side in pan used for cooking eggs.
While tortillas are heating on 2nd side, sprinkle a bit of cheese, add scrambled eggs, Jalapeño Roast and top with remaining cheese.
Cover pan with lid and let tortilla harden and cheese melt everything together. While that is heating make preferred coffee, add your extras, I prefer it black with a tablespoon of Fresh Chile Unfiltered Wildflower Honey.
Tostadas should be ready by now. Serve and Enjoy!

Recipe by Amogene Martinez from Fresh Chile Cookin'! page on Facebook.  


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